The Sather project at ICSI is no longer active. However, some language hobbyists continue to use the language for their personal projects. The compiler and tools will continue to be available from the ICSI web and ftp sites, but are no longer supported. They were actively used for development for many years in moderate sized projects (hundreds of thousands of lines of code) and are more robust than many commercial C++ tools today. Active research into pSather has also ceased.

Information about the Sather-K dialect from the University of Karlsruhe, which differs in subtle ways from ICSI's Sather, may be obtained from their site.

Several of the folks mentioned on the web-pages still occassionally read the newsgroup and are accessible via email. The time constraints of their current lives permitting, most of them would gladly answer questions about the language, tools or libraries.

Last change: 2/2/99
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