Besides the Sather standard distribution there are a lot of programs written by different people which are not neccessary to program in Sather but might be of general interest. This page lists the programs which are available separately from the Sather compiler.

All these programs can be found in the contribution package, which is available from all Sather distribution mirrors. (See this link for information about the bullets.).

Demo programs Orig. Author
Ported code from old tech report for performance comparison. From 8/95, should be updated. Results should be referenced in the WWW pages.
(Claudio Fleiner)
This program finds all solutions to pentominoes puzzle.
Sheldon White
Twisted use of iterators (Taken from the iterator paper).
David Stoutamire
How to memoize (to remember precomputed results) using closures.
David Stoutamire
Sather solutions to the Salishan problem how to enumerate paraffin molecules. Good demontration of parallelize Sather code and use of iterators and recursions.
An excellent demo lisp interpreter.
Robert Griesemer
An excellent demo scheme interpreter inspired by Samuel N. Kamins book: Programming Languages: An Interpreter-Based Approach, Addison-Wesley, 1990.
Holger Klawitter
Extensions of the standard libraries
Comparison of different MAP-classes (red-black trees, skip lists and associative lists). The DS however might be of general interest and should go into the stdlib. Needs work to fit into the lib (completely different access philisophy).
Chrisitan Schwarz
Implementation of Knuth-Morris-Pratt string matching. stdlib or even STR_CURSOR?
Le van Huu
Code for dealing with parameter files (not lines). Could be converted to new overload scheme. Interesting for command line parsing.
Code for reading in options, also an application of the DIGRAPH class.
Ben Gomes

We need more demos for pSather code. The more elaborate library classes should have some demos as well.

The following programs are not part of the Contrib file, but can be loaded separately. Some of these programs are parts of projects started partly by the Sather group, partly by others. These are marked with a red bullet . As they are promising, we did not want to delete them. So if you like, you can complete them to improve the Sather libraries. If you have concrete plans in one of these projects, you should consult the Sather group first, as there might be other people also working on it, so you could join their team.

Languages Orig.Author
A Sather interpreter. The language version reflected in this interpreter is somewhere between Sather 0.2 and Sather 1.0. Please read the "README" file! It would be a big deal, if the interpreter could be linked with the current Sather compiler. (First to bring it in a newer state and second to create an itneractive Sather programming environment.)
B. Boser
Graphical user Interfaces
A minimal interface to Tk/Tcl derived from the TclKt from Matthias Ernst.
Alex Cozzi
A plain Xlib interface. Contains a mandelprot program and a raytracer as demo.
Erik Schnetter
Portable file system classes which would be a big deal for moving persistend data over different platforms especially if they are not UNIX derivates. It is incompatible to the current IO system, so it would need quite some work.
Ari Huttunen

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