The Compiler runs under a variety of platforms. This page is dedicated to people who want to add more platforms to this list. It is mainly a compilation of questions in the Sather newsgroup and questions directed to the Sather group.

Using other C compilers

Porting to Windows

A Native x86 back end Keith Hopper has informed us that a student of his, John Newman, working on a such a system. Please contact for more information.

Holger Klawitter is also interested in working on a MSDOS port

Llew Mason reports a successful port of 1.0.7 to Win32, also available from here.

We would really like to know if the current release works on Windows 95. As mentioned above, 1.0.7 was ported to Windows95 Visual C, and all the changes were folded into the current system. Bruce Guenter is working on compiling the current version under win32.

Porting to the Mac

Aviv Tuttnauer is interested in working on a Mac port of Sather. ( Patrick Beard has worked on a similar port in the past, but Avi should have all the information from Patrick that you need.

Notes from others on porting

Craig Johannsen reports a successful port (of 1.0.8) to AIX

The Sather Team (