Get the Sather Compiler

Most parts of the Sather compiler are available from various mirrors of the Sather ftp site. To reduce netload, please refer to your nearest mirror. (Note: It may take some days for the mirrors to update their directory, please be patient.).

Sather has now been GPL/LGPL'ed so that it may be maintained as part of the GNU project. The 1.2beta release with the GNU licencing is now available. It may or may not build - it is meant to be mainly as an 'official' release of the source to enable further distribution by GNU. Download it from here .

WWW accessftp access
Sterling Software.
Münster (Germany).
York (Great Britain).
Darmstadt (Germany).
The mirror in York is no longer properly maintained, but it still should have all files. If not please mail.

Last change: 10/01/96
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