Additional publications

Workshop presentations

  • N. Chang. Putting meaning into grammar learning. Proceedings, Psycho-computational Models of Human Language Acquisition (COLING 2004 workshop). Geneva. Superseded by CogSci 2004 paper.
  • N. Chang and J. Feldman. Embodied Construction Grammar in language acquisition and use. 2003 Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics. Cognitive and Discourse Perspectives on Language and Language Learning. Washington, DC, February 2003.
  • N. Chang, S. Narayanan and M. R.L. Petruck. From frames to inference. Presented at Scanalu 2002. Superseded by Coling 2002 paper.
  • N.C. Chang and B.K. Bergen. Usage-based generalization and constructional re-organization: Evidence from early syntactic development. Presented at the 2001 International Cognitive Linguistics Conference in Santa Barbara, as part of the theme session on the Cognitive Organization and Re-Organization of Grammatical Constructions.
  • N. Chang and T. Maia. Grounded learning of grammatical constructions. Presented at the 2001 AAAI Spring Symposium on Learning Grounded Representations. Stanford, CA. March 2001. Superseded by CogSci 2001 paper.
  • T. Maia and N. Chang. Grounding the acquisition of grammar in sensorimotor representations. Presented at the 2001 AAAI Spring Symposium on Learning Grounded Representations. Stanford, CA.
  • N. Chang and R. Hunter. Reference resolution in child-directed speech: a deep semantic approach. Presented at the International workshop on Reference and Coherence in discourse; Formal, Functional and Cognitive approaches in Utrecht, The Netherlands, January 2001.

Short papers / abstracts

  • N. Chang. Learning form-meaning mappings for language understanding. 1999 Cognitive and Neural Systems conference, Boston, MA 1999.
  • Learning form-meaning mappings for language: a 1-page abstract of a presentation at the 1999 SIGART/AAAI Doctoral Consortium in Orlando, Florida. A similar presentation was made at the 1999 Cognitive and Neural Systems conference in Boston.

Course papers

  • Acquisition and Ergativity: An Overview, a survey of connections between the study of language acquistion and ergativity.
  • Learning Early Communicative Acts (postscript). A project investigating the suitability of a simple Bayesian model-merging approach to some function (or relational) words in the one-word stage of child language, written for a course in machine learning.
  • Semantic Role Marking: A Preliminary Report (pdf). A general review of the cross-linguistic nature of role marking (in adult language), written for a seminar on cognitive semantics.
  • Learning Natural Language: A review of formal and computational approaches (compressed postscript). A summary of work from theoretical computer science in the learning of natural language.