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Me in a moongate at Summer Palace, Beijing

In a moongate at the Summer Palace in Beijing. (Can’t resist those doorways.)

The short story: I spend (some of) my time thinking about cognition and language and computation. These days this is mostly in connection with my thesis, for which I have been building a computational model of how toddlers round the world go from zero to language (or more precisely, from single words to grammatical constructions). On whether this is fun/exciting/stimulating, or hard/frustrating/premature: definitely. It may even be possible.

Other things I think about:

...and so much more. All in good time.

“Cuisine, Class, Convenience & Comfort”

When not a Berkeley grad student, I am apparently a restaurant in Worcester, MA. I have been favorably reviewed. (Fruits of my pilgrimage.)

“Nancy Chang has been located in a renovated factory building for several years... I would go back to Nancy Chang again.” –Worcester Business Journal, 1/2000

“Best Of The Evening” award for Excellence in Taste, Presentation and Creativity  –1991 New England Business Expo