Directions to M.C. Tschantz’s Office

Room 633
1947 Center Street, Suite 600
Berkeley, CA 94704

ICSI is located on the sixth floor of 1947 Center Street. For directions to this building and parking information, please see this.

You are supposed to sign in at the reception desk on the first floor, but if you tell them you are going up to ICSI on the sixth floor, they might just wave you onward to the elevators.

Once on the sixth floor, you can ask the front desk for help finding my office or look for it yourself using the map and directions below.

A map to my office

My office is actually right in front of you when you get out of the elevator, but there’s the front desk and a wall in your way. You’ll have to go around them by going to the right, past the bathrooms, turn left, walk to the end of the hallway, turn left again, and see my room on the right.