Larry Ellison's Driveway (a.k.a. CS270 Project)


This project was completed in 1998, and has not been worked on since. Also, due to time constraints on his project, Larry Ellison did not end up using this for driveway. I believe he did use it for some bridges and walls, however.


Traditionally, stone driveways are constructed onsite with a stone mason chipping large pieces of stone to fit. Although all the stones end up roughly the same size, the precise shape and number of sides per stone vary.

In certain cases, however, this traditional method does not work. Particularly, it can be a problem if the design must be pre-approved, or if the stones must be cut at a remote site.

One approach is to design each stone individually, approve the overall plan, and deliver the stone drawings to the remote stone mason. This solution does not scale well -- for a driveway containing tens of thousands of stones, designing each by hand would take months.

This project addresses a second alternative. The stones are generated automatically.

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Adam Janin