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In the Media -- Not completely accurate, but kinda fun...

  1. More than just fun and games: Monopoly is subject of academic study. San Diego Union-Tribune, October 5, 2009.

  2. Chaotic Chomp: The mathematics of crystal growth sheds light on a tantalizing game. Featured article and cover, Science News, July 22, 2006; Vol. 170, No. 4 , p. 58.

  3. Like a Swerving Commuter, a Selfish Router Slows Traffic, New York Times, April 24, 2003.


  1. Eric Friedman and Miklos Z. Racz, “Dynamic Budget-Constrained Pricing in the Cloud”, Proceeding of the The 28th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (2015) forthcoming.

  2. Friedman, Eric J., Adam S. Landsberg, Julia P. Owen, Wenson Hsieh, Leo Kam, and Pratik Mukherjee. "Edge Correlations in Spatial Networks", Journal of Complex Networks (2015) forthcoming.
  3. Eric Friedman, Christos-Alexandros Psomas, and Shai Vardi, “Pareto Optimal Dynamic Fair Division with Minimal Disruptions”, In Proceedings of the sixteenth ACM conference on Economics and Computation (2015) forthcoming.

  4.  Friedman, Eric J., Karl Young, Graham Tremper*, Jason Liang*, Adam S. Landsberg, and Norbert Schuff. “Directed Network Motifs in Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment”, PLoS One (2015) forthcoming.

  5. Directed Progression Brain Networks in Alzheimer’s Disease: Properties and Classification. Brain Connectivity  4, no. 5 (2014): 384-393.   (with Karl Young, Danial Asif*, Inderjit Jutla*, Michael Liang*, Scott Wilson*, Adam S. Landsberg, Norbert Schuff) link

  6. Stochastic Geometric Network Models for Groups of Functional and Structural Connectomes.  Neuroimage  101 (2014): 473-484   (with Adam S. Landsberg, Julia P. Owen, Yi-Ou Li, Pratik Mukherjee)

  7. Strategyproof  Allocation of Discrete Jobs on Multiple Machines Proceedings of the Fifteenth ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC'14). (with A. Psomas) PDF

  8. Hierarchical Networks, Power Laws, and Neuronal Avalanches. Chaos 23(1) 2013. (with A. Landsberg)  PDF

  9.  Hierarchical Scheduling for Diverse Datacenter Workloads. ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing, 2013. (with Ali Ghodsi, Ion Stoica, Scott Shenker  and Arka Aloke Bhattacharya.) PDF

  10. Test-Retest Reliability of Computational Network Measurements Derived from the Structural Connectome of the Human Brain. Brain connectivity 3.2 (2013): 160-176. (with J. Owen, link

  11. Cofinite Induced Subgraphs of Impartial Combinatorial Games: An Analysis of CIS-Nim, Integers v.13 #G2, 2013 (with Scott M. Garrabrant*  and Adam S. Landsberg)  PDF

  12. The Structural Connectome of the Human Brain in Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, NeuroImage, 2012. (with J. Owen, link

  13. Probabilistic convergence guarantees for type-II pulse-coupled oscillators, Physical Review E (Rapid communications) 2012 (with J. Nishimura) PDF

  14. Combinatorial Games with a Pass: A dynamical systems approach, Chaos  21:4 2011. (with A. Landsberg and R. Morrison*) PDF

  15. Asymmetric Cost Sharing, Games and Economic Behavior 75:1 2012  PDF

  16. Robust Convergence in Pulse Coupled Oscillators with Delays. Physical Review Letters 106:19 2011with J. Nishimura. arXiv

  17. Construction and analysis of random networks with explosive percolation. Physical Review Letters, 103, 255701, 2010 with A. S. Landsberg. arXiv

  18. Estimating the probability that the game of Monopoly never ends. Proceedings of the 2009 Winter Simulation Conference. with S. G. Henderson, T. Byuen*, and G. Gutierrez Gallardo*. PDF

  19. Active Learning for Smooth Problems. Proceedings of the Conference on Learning Theory (COLT), 2009 PDF

  20. Manipulating Scrip Systems: Sybils and Collusion, with Ian A. Kash and Joseph Y. Halpern. Proceedings of the First Conference on Auctions, Market Mechanisms and Their Applications (AMMA'09)PS

  21. Finding a Simple Polytope from its Graph in Polynomial Time, to appear in the proceedings of the Twelfth Conference on Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization. IPCO XII June 2007 and Discrete & Computational Geometry: Volume 41, Issue2 (2009), Page 249. PDF

  22. On the Geometry of Combinatorial Games: A renormalization approach, with A. Landsberg. Games of No Chance III , edited by R. Nowakowski (2009). PDF

  23. Multiagent Learning in Large Anonymous Games, with I. Kash, and J. Halpern. Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS'09), pages 765-772, 2009. PDF

  24. Efficient Fair Algorithms for Message Communication, with Sergey Gorinsky, Shane Henderson, and Christoph Jechlitschek. Simulation Modelling, Practice and Theory17(3), pp.513-527, 2008.

  25. The Lotus-Eater Attack (2008), with J. Halpern and I. Kash. Proceedings of Twenty-Seventh Annual ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (poster). PDF

  26. Fundamental Domains for Combinatorial Integer Programs with Symmetries (2007). Cocoa07: The First International Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications. PDF

  27. Nonlinear Dynamics in Combinatorial Games: Renormalizing Chomp (2007), with A. Landsberg. Chaos, Volume 17, Issue 2, pp. 023117-023117-14 (2007).

  28. Optimizing Scrip Systems: Efficiency, Crashes, Hoarders, and Altruists (2007), with J. Halpern and I. Kash. Proceedings of Eighth ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC'07) and published in Distributed Systems. PDF

  29. Manipulation-Resistant Reputation Systems, with P. Resnick and R. Sami (2007), in Algorithmic Game Theory, Edited by N. Nisan, T. Roughgarden, E. Tardos, and V. Vazirani.

  30. Efficiency and Nash Equilibria in a Scrip System for P2P Networks (2006), with J. Halpern and I. Kash. Proceedings of Seventh ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC'06) PS

  31. Manipulability of PageRank under Sybil Strategies, with A. Cheng, 2006. Proceedings of the First Workshop of Networked Systems (NetEcon06).PDF

  32. Algorithms for Power Allocation in Multiple Access Channels, with Y. Shi, 2004. Proceedings of the the 9th Canadian Workshop on Information Theory. PDF

  33. Fair and Robust Power Allocation Rules for Multiple Access Channels (2004). Proceedings of the the 9th Canadian Workshop on Information Theory.  PDF

  34. Sybilproof Reputation Mechanisms (2005), with Alice Cheng. Proceedings of Third Workshop on Economics of Peer-to-Peer SystemsPDF

  35. A Generic Analysis of Selfish Routing (2004), Proceedings of the 43rd IEEE Conference on Decision and ControlPDF Related NYT Article

  36. Paths and Consistency in Additive Cost Sharing (2004), International Journal of Game Theory Volume 32, Number 4, pp.501 - 518. Postscript

  37. Behavior of Coupled Automata (2004), with Reuben Gann, Jessica Venable, and A.S. Landsberg. Physical Review E. 69: 046116 Physical Review E, PS, (figs: 2 3 4 5a5b 6a 6b)

  38. Asynchronous Learning with Limited Information: An Experimental Analysis, with Mikhael Shor, Scott Shenker, Barry Sopher (2004), Games and Economic Behavior Volume 47, Issue 2, pp.325-352 link to paper

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    Technical Reports 

  1. Strategyproofness, Leontief Economies and the Kalai-Smorodinsky Solution, 2011. (with Ghodsi, A., Shenker, S. and Stoica, I.)  PDF

  2. Nash Bargaining without Scale Invariance, 2011. (with Ghodsi, A., Shenker, S. and Stoica, I.)  PDF

  3. Explosive Percolation in Social and Physical Networks, 2009. (with J. Nishimura)

  4. Active Learning for Clustering Bundled Data, 2009.  PDF

  5. Convex Optimization for Active Learning with Large Margins, 2009.

  6. Winning Strategies: The Emergence of Base 2 in the Game of Nim, with A. Landsberg, 2009. PDF

  7. Convex Optimization for Active Learning with Large Margins, 2009. PDF

  8. Scaling, Renormalization, and Universality in Combinatorial Games: the Random Geometry of Chomp, with A. Landsberg, 2004. PDF

  9. Limits on Cooperation with Anonymity and Noise (1999) Postscript PDF

  10. Optimization Based Characterizations of Cost Sharing Methods (1999) Postscript PDF

  11. Robust Social Norms in Bargains and Markets. (1999) Postscript PDF

  12. Learnability of a class of Non-atomic Games arising on the Internet. (1997) Postscript

  13. Learning and Implementation on the Internet, with S. Shenker. (1997) Postscript

  14. Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning by Responsive Learning Automata, with S. Shenker. (1996) Postscript

  15. A Strongly Polynomial Algorithm for Combinatorial Convex Optimization: with applications to generalized resource allocation problems. (1992