Welcome to the
BNIAC  -- Brain Network Image Analysis and Computation
Research Group at ICSI

Group Leader -- Eric Friedman, Senior Research Scientist, ICSI and Visiting Scholar, Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Current Team Members:
  (Summer 2014 UCB Computer Science): Richa Sheth

Former Team Members
(2013-14 UCB Computer Science): Wenson Hsieh, Leo Kam
  (Summer 2013 UCB Computer Science): Yifan Ding, Wenson Hsieh, Leo Kam, Albert Wu
(2012-2013 UCB Computer Science): Danial Muhammad, Scott Wilson.
  (Cornell Applied Math): Joel Nishimura
  (Summer 2012 UCB Computer Science): Inderjit Jutla, Michael Liang, Jason Liang, Graham Tremper.
  (2011-2012 UCB Computer Science) Wenson Hsieh, Moeka Tanagi.

Current Projects (Principal Collaborator):

Funding:   Current: NIH: “Robust Localized Measures for Brain Networks”  2011-2016

Principal Collaborators: Roland Henry (UCSF), Adam Landsberg (Claremont Colleges),  Pratik Mukherjee (UCSF),  Norbert Schuff (SFVA,UCSF), Karl Young (SFVA,UCSF),