Some additional comments on the final bill received from the Mohonk Mountain House

Dan Ellis <> 1998jan19

Owing to a series of mishaps, I only just received the final bill from the Mohonk Mountain House for the 1997 WASPAA, which they mailed out just before Thanksgiving (i.e. a month after the workshop). There were a few surprises and issues, which I wanted to comment on in these notes.

The final bill elements were:

Socials (Sun and Tue eve open bars)$1785
Snacks (Early morning and 11 o'clock coffee)$1749
Wine (with dinner)$3126
Day guests (9+12+9)x$65$1950
Meals not otherwise covered$310
Phone-line charge (hookup & usage)$86

Most of these are alright; here are my comments:

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