Date:    Fri, 21 Nov 1997 22:02:12 -0500
From:    Mark Kahrs <>
Subject: Ancient notes (this should be updated)

Typical schedule

Previous Year:

Set budget
Seek IEEE sanction and advance
Call for Papers to
Send Call for Papers to Mailing list

Workshop year:

15 March (Beware the Ides of March)
Deadline for paper submission
1 June
Authors decision
1 July
Send papers to printer
Send registration material
Send talk notice to authors***
15 September
Preliminary (cheap) registration deadline
18-20 October

Committee responsibilities

General Chair:
Request insurance
Send conference services notice of conference and also proceedings
publication form.
Technical Program Chair:
Publicity Chair:
Publications Chair:
Need to collect IEEE copyright and send to ...
Each page should have IEEE copyright on it.
Need a deposit for the hotel; must request from the technical committee.
Local Arrangements:
Need a room under the A/V person's name at the hotel; this is billed to the master account. The standard arrangement is now: coffee & tea set up; pastries & coffee & tea at the break. If money is left over, declare an open bar.

A/V is paid before starting.

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