General comments on WASPAA'97

Set down by Dan Ellis, 1997nov20

Comments from participants:

AV hire

We've been using Sandy Margolin (SJ Margolin Sound, Lights...) for as long as I know. He is rather expensive (we paid $3500 all-in for his services last time), but the argument goes that we need top-flight audio equipment for this workshop. I don't think we can fault the audio presentation, but there were a couple of problems on the visual side this time. Most importantly, a couple of participants wanted to use PowerPoint slides directly from their PC, but we didn't have the capacity to provide video projection for computer output (only for TV-quality video tapes). Sandy said that if we had warned him earlier, he would have been able to get hold of the necessary equipment. Secondly, it seemed like the slide projector we had (some kind of mercury vapor device?) was not terribly sucessful - basically, not bright enough. I can't imagine that would happen again, but it's something to watch out for.

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