About tkSound

This is a screenshot of the current state of the soundfile examiner I am developing under tk. The idea is to provide a range of tcl/tk extensions that will allow end-users to build a variety of sound viewers (and perhaps eventually editors) according to their own taste.

Currently, these are the components:

This was started as a 'recreational' project for me while I was finishing my Ph.D., so it doesn't get a lot of attention. But I love the way tk/tcl encourages projects to be modularized to promote sharing and user configurability, so I'm keen to let other people have this stuff if it could be useful.

Currently compiles on Solaris (plus SGI and DEC OSF?). Should port to most Unix systems. Pre-release of what I've done so far is available here.

DAn Ellis <dpwe@icsi.berkeley.edu>
International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley CA