Index of DAn's STP directory

This directory contains documents relating to the Switchboard Transcription Project here at ICSI.

Database viewing tool example
This link demonstrates a CGI script I wrote that generates an xwaves-like display of a soundfile on-the-fly, including waveform, spectrogram and label annotations. You can point it at any soundfile on the ICSI file system; it will find the labels for any that follow the directory structure convention we use in STP.
A listing and preliminary description of some of the strange acoustic-phonetic phenomena recounted by our transcribers.
Notes made at various stages on how to post-process the files generated by the transcribers to remove any obvious, trivial errors.
A script I wrote to query the transcription hours database to allow a transcriber to check how much work they had logged over a given period. Now revived to collect ratio-to-realtime statistics.

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