Digital Audio : Talk slides

Therse are the slides from a talk I gave at a mini workshop on digital audio hosted by Lego (the plastic brick people) at their headquarters in Billund, Denmark. They are looking into future generations of computer-based toys, and brought together a collection of researchers from industry and academia to brainstorm about audio in toys. My talk was supposed to provide an introduction and framework, focussing on synthesis.

  1. An overview of digital audio
  2. Sound & Hearing
  3. Audio processing
  4. Audio representation
  5. Compressed audio representations
  6. Synthesis
  7. Synthesis 2: Signal models
  8. Synthesis 3: Source models
  9. Processing
  10. Analysis
  11. Summary
  12. Spatial location
  13. Speech recognition

You can also see the entire slide pack in its original form as an Acrobat PDF file.

DAn Ellis <>
International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley CA