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There are a few key resources involved in the BN (and other LVCSR) efforts. This page might be a place where people can say what they're using them for right now, and where others can go to find out when machines might become available.

What's cooking?

News about current usage of significant machines:

Machine Status ETA
GIN (1000M Ultra 60/300) 1998jun24: free?  
TEQUILA (640M Ultra 30/300) 1998jun17: free?  
STOUT (384M Ultra 1/170) 1998jun17: free?  
GUINNESS (TetraSpert) 1998aug13: janin (1 of 4?) ?
ICSIB46 (DuoSpert) 1998aug13: janin ?
ICSIB37 (DuoSpert) 1998aug13: dpwe/train21 4of6 Saturday
ARUGULA (256M Ultra 1/170, Spert) 1998aug13: tabe ?
ZINFANDEL (Spert) ? ?
YAM (Spert) 1998aug13: dpwe/train22 ?
HAM (Spert) 1998aug13: tabe ?
LASAGNA (Spert) 1998aug13: tabe ?
POI (Spert) ? gildea ?


batch, the UToronto/UWaterloo batch queueing system, is installed on GIN and TEQUILA. This allows you to queue several jobs to be run in sequence. I have configured the "now" queue to run just one job at a time, and to kill processes whose memory usage exceeds 850M (or 1000M on GIN), which seems to be the right thing to terminate noway when it gets to a point where its CPU access falls below 1% due to swapping.

Basic operation is:

    tequila% /u/drspeech/sun4-sunos5/bin/batch now   # new cmd for "now" queue
    batch> bn_recog params=bnr-b2p5.params
    batch> ^D

You can specify a single command right on the command line with -c:

    tequila% batch now -c "bn_recog params=bnr-b2p5.params >& bnr.out"

(The above assumes the right batch is found by your path.) To examine what's on the queue:

    tequila% batchqueue -q now
    >>-- now queue --<<
    dpwe         Jun 11 19:33   q1476998556   *** Executing ***
      bn_recog params=bnr-b2.params
    dpwe         Jun 11 19:33   q1476998734   *** Queued ***
      bn_recog params=bnr-b2p5.params

When jobs finish, or otherwise change status, you are sent mail.

For more info, take a look at

    man -F -M /u/drspeech/share/man batch

(because there is already a default system command, /usr/bin/batch, you have to specify the drspeech man directory to avoid getting the man page for the "other" batch. Similarly, you have to make sure /u/drspeech/sun4-sunos5/bin is before /usr/bin in your path, or invoke batch with the full path as shown above.)

Dan Ellis <dpwe@icsi.berkeley.edu>
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