David Bailey

Hats: Computer Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Hiker, Photographer.

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As of August 2004, I'm working on search quality at Google, Inc. More information about my professional life can be found in my résumé.

In October 1997 I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. My graduate school days were mostly spent at the International Computer Science Institute. There I did research on computational modelling of how children learn their first verbs for hand actions, and contributed to several other software projects.

After hours I've got a few hobbies. For example, see my photo gallery, Natural Light, or our newer gallery of black and white photography. Lisa's dad has a video site of insect movies. Recently I managed to travel around the southern hemisphere for three months--not bad for a first trip abroad!

Inquisitive folks might be interested in some personal tidbits about me.

If all that wasn't too boring, perhaps you'll want to contact me by one means or another.

And to finish off, how about a page of pure silliness, playing off my all-too-common name.

Last updated Jan 23, 2005