ICSI Speech FAQ:
1.1 What is covered in this FAQ?

Answer by: dpwe - 2000-07-19

The purpose of the ICSI Speech FAQ is to provide an extensible repository of the technical knowledge related to speech recognition research at ICSI. Rather than relying on the oral tradition of various resident experts (which has served well thus far), it seems prudent to get as much of this implicit knowledge down into explicit form. Some effort has been invested to make adding new questions and answers to the FAQ relatively painless.

Suitable topics for the FAQ span both theoretical issues (which might be relevant in any speech recognition context) and purely practicaly issues (whose relevance is linked to particular circumstances at ICSI). The idea is that any question that an individual researcher might feel they needed to ask of a colleague could instead be answered on these pages.

As stated in the introduction, the FAQ is open to the whole group to contribute both questions and answers. One way that it might become most useful, is if whenever an oral question-explanation episode occurs, the participants at least consider writing it up as part of this FAQ, so that the answer is immediately availabe in future.

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