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5.3 How do you calculate rasta and/or plp features?

Answer by: dpwe - 2000-08-02

Because of the close relationship between Rasta and PLP features, they are calculated by the same programs. (Rasta is some additional filtering in the middle of PLP, as described on the common feature types page.)

To keep things complicated, there are actually two programs that perform this, although they both use the same core routines and thus in most cases generate identical answers. They are:

The original Rasta-PLP program in C written originally by Morgan and extensively patched, modified and added to over the years.
A new interface layer I put on the core routines from rasta (i.e. it links against the same librasta.a) offering more mnemonic command line options, a more orthogonal set of options, and support for more input and output file formats. Written in C++.

For the actual options, see the man pages above which include some typical usage examples. The feacalc man page also indicates how each option maps onto the options of the original rasta program, where appropriate.

Here's a tip: feacalc has this inclination to write its invocation line, along with a datestamp, to the bottom of .feacalc_hist in the current directory. If you see a Rasta/PLP pfile and you'd like to know just how it was made, look for a .feacalc_hist and scan for the date matching the creation date of your pfile. With any luck, you'll see the exact command line.

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