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2.7 What computational resources are available at ICSI?

Answer by: wooters - 2002-02-08

In the speech group, we have many machines available for use as compute servers. In order to balance the load on all of these machines, we use the 'pmake/customs' environment.

The simplest way to execute a job under pmake/customs is to use 'run-command'. ('run-command' is a handy script that creates a pmake makefile and executes it automatically.) For example, if you have a program (or script) called 'foo' that you want to run, then instead of just executing:

you should use:
run-command foo
This will find the fastest machine currently available and run your job on that machine.

If you need to run several jobs, the easiest way to do it is to put the commands for each job into a file and call 'run-command' on that file. For example, if you need to run the following four jobs:

foo file1

foo file2

foo file3

foo file4

Then just put those four commands into an ascii file (say 'jobs.txt'), each on its own line. Then call 'run-command' like this:
run-command -f jobs.txt
If you want to see what jobs are currently running, you can use the command:
cctrl -jobs -all
For more information, see man pages:

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