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2.12 Which C/C++ compilers are available?

Answer by: wooters - 2002-09-18

We primarily use the GNU compilers (gcc), although we do have an older version (version 5.0 from December 1998) of the Sun compilers (CC/cc), and we should soon be getting a more recent version of the Sun compiler (Sun compiler tools edition 6 update 2). I'll keep you posted.

We have two versions of gcc available: 2.95.2 and 3.2. The default version is 2.95.2. Here is where they are located:

The Sun compilers are in /usr/local/opt/SUNWspro/bin.

Note on version 3.2:

Thanks go to Andreas for installing version 3.2. Included below is a note he sent after he had installed it. His note describes some information that may be useful when compiling under various platforms:

Subject: gcc 3.2 reinstalled
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 16:48:54 PDT
From: Andreas Stolcke 
I reinstalled gcc 3.2 for the following platforms
using a new location for the compiler drivers, as per discussions with David
and Chuck.
The top-level executables are now in /usr/local/lang/gcc-3.2/bin .
You can put this in your path, or use the links
which are meant to always point to the current stable version of gcc 3.x .
On Solaris machines the default target platform is always
sparc-sun-solaris2.6, even if the OS version is 2.8.  To generate
code for 2.8 you need to use
        gcc -bsparc-sun-solaris2.8
        g++ -bsparc-sun-solaris2.8

You can added the -m64 option to generate for the 64-bit (sparcv9) model.
(obviously those binaries won't run on 32bit cpus).
To make sure binaries run on all ICSI machines pick a SunOS5.6
machine to compile on (since there might be conflicts with Solaris 8 header

Let me know if there are problems.


PS.  The configure options for this build were

--bindir=/usr/local/lang/gcc-3.2/bin \
--infodir=/usr/local/lib/info \

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