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1.3 How do I add a new question to the FAQ?

Answer by: dpwe - 2000-07-21

It's very easy to add new questions to the FAQ, even if you don't know the answer. If you have a question that you thought might be covered but you didn't find the answer, I encourage you to add it to the FAQ in the hope that it will be answered at some point, and then future people in your situation will be that much better off.

The questions are all stored in a single plain-text file,

This file is minimally formatted with blank lines between different sections and indents distinguishing questions from topics. You simply add your question by editing this file. Running "make" in the faq directory then regenerates the index.html page including your new question, as well as links to any answer that is found.

The ICSI_SPEECH_FAQ file is controlled by RCS. This means that it is normally not editable; rather, you first have to check out a 'lock' on the file to make sure no-one else edits it at the same time. This is easiest in Emacs: After visiting the file, C-x C-q (toggle writable mode) automatically does the check-out for you, then after editing and saving C-x C-q again releases the lock and checks the file back in (in RCS terminology) so that others can edit it. It's very important that you remember to check in a file when you're finished with it, else others will be denied check-outs in the future.

To use a different editor, you can manually check the file out and in from a unix command-line: Just type "co -l ICSI_SPEECH_FAQ" in the faq directory to lock the file. Then you can edit it any way you like. When you're finished, "ci -u ICSI_SPEECH_FAQ" checks the file back in and unlocks it.

Creating an answer to an FAQ question is almost as easy. For details, see the pertinent FAQ topic.

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