ICSI Speech FAQ:
4.3 How can I simulate different acoustic conditions?

Answer by: gelbart - 2001-05-18

The /u/drspeech/data tree contains resources for simulating reverberation and noise:


This directory stores a collection of impulse responses useful for simulating reverberation. These were used by Brian Kingsbury in his research. A note in the directory says that if you use these impulse responses in published work, you should acknowledge Jim West, Gary Elko, and Carlos Avendano for collecting them and making them available to us. See the README files under this directory for more information. (Some more acoustic impulse responses can be found on the Web, here and here.)


This directory stores noise samples (crowd, factory, car, and others) from the NOISEX CD-ROM set. Collection conditions seem to be well documented. See the noisex/doc subdirectory for more information.


This directory stores noise samples collected in Hynek Hermansky's Volvo during freeway driving.

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