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Novel Approaches

Pushing the envelope (aside): 
Re-thinking Acoustic Processing for Speech Recognition

We are studying replacements of the standard spectral envelope (typically with cepstral transformation) as the speech representation of choice . This includes work on the acoustic "front end", and statistical modeling for the new features that are being generated.

  • TEAM (site leaders)
  • ICSI (lead site) -Nelson Morgan
    Columbia University -Dan Ellis
    IDIAP - Hynek Hermansky and Herve Bourlard
    SRI - Kemal Sonmez
    UW - Mari Ostendorf

  • The main components can be broken down into two tasks:
  • Signal processing (alternatives to the spectral envelope)
  • ICSI, SRI, Columbia, IDIAP

  • Statistical Modeling (improved modeling for the modified front ends)
  • ICSI, SRI, Columbia, IDIAP, UW

  • Selected Publications

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