Berkeley Center for the Information Society

The Berkeley Center for the Information Society (BCIS) offers a moderate number of supplementary grants for summer research work at the pre-dissertation and dissertation levels.

As part of our CITRIS program, we will provide additional support for research projects on information technology and society. The purpose of these grants is to assist students in their work and to seed the further development of a community of graduate students and faculty - from engineering, social sciences, and humanities - with interests in topics relevant to BCIS. The grants will provide modest summer support ($1000) to help in the preparation of a paper to be presented at the biweekly discussion group every fall. The paper could be part of a thesis or a thesis proposal on an appropriate topic. The grants are also open to Master's Theses and Undergraduate Theses.

The grants for 2003 have been awarded, if you wish to be notified about the grants for next year, please email Joyojeet Pal.

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