Stella Yu Google Scholar
Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Adjunct Professor: University of California, Berkeley
Affiliations: Computer Science, Vision Science, Cognitive & Brain Sciences
Senior Fellow, Berkeley Institute for Data Science
Director, ICSI Vision Group
Latest News: UM since Fall 2022

CS280 Computer Vision Spring 2017/18/19/20/21/22
CS189 / 289A Introduction to Machine Learning Fall 2017/18/19



As a vision scientist, I subscribe to the view that visual perception presents not just a fascinating computational problem, but more importantly an intelligent solution for large-scale data mining and pattern recognition applications. I study visual perception from multiple perspectives: human vision, computer vision, robotic vision, and artistic vision.

I am particularly interested in human vision's ingenuity and immediacy at resolving a property or region of interest from its context. The context is not a mere conglomeration of pieces, but an organized whole of interrelated elements. Only in such an organization can an object be assigned a place and be singled out from the context without relinquishing the effects of the context.

My approach to computer vision is thus about establishing parts in relation, organizing them into a whole, and singling out the aspect of interest from the whole. In modeling visual organization, I have developed new tools in spectral graph theory and machine learning to effectively uncover the relational structure of large-scale data. I have also pursued efficient representation and computation by learning from artists and exploring the connections between Art and Vision.

Dr. Iksung Kang, Dr. Sangryul Jeon, Ke Wang, Tony Long Lian, Utkarsh Singhal, Peter Ren, Frank Xudong Wang, Peter Xinlei Pan, Daniel Chun-Hsiao Yeh, Peter Jiayun Wang, Tsung-Wei Ke, Dr. Dong-Jin Kim, Dr. Nils-Steffen Worzyk, Dr. Yunhui Guo, Tejasvi Kothapalli, Daniel Lin, Haoran Guo, Joshua Levine, Galen Chuang, Dr. Zhongqi Miao, Dr. Baladitya Yellapragada, Yifei Xing, Dr. Yubei Chen, Dr. Saeed Seyyedi, Daniel Zeng, Ke Li, Runtao Liu, Dr. Sascha Hornauer, Shuai Liu, Dr. Jyh-Jing Hwang, Dr. Rudrasis Chakraborty, Arian Ranjbar, Emily Hsiao, Alice Duan, Lu Yu, Pengyuan Chen, Wayne Li, Lucy Yang, Dr. Qian Yu, Jesper Haahr Christensen, Jianqiao Ni, Dr. Patrick Virtue, Michele Winter, Dr. Caigui Jiang, Borong Zhang, Dr. Zhirong Wu, Dr. Ziwei Liu, Dr. Matthias Demant, Sebastian Palacio, Dr. Seyed Ali Amirshahi, Vinay Ramasesh, Noah Golmant, Renee Sweeney, Riley Edmunds, William Guss, Asha Anoosheh, Weiyu Zhang, Dr. Dimitri Lisin, Dr. Christina Pavlopoulou, Dr. Elena Bernardis

Prospective postdocs and Ph.D. students: I always welcome motivated and thoughtful candidates with strong math / debugging / communication skills. For German and Italian postdoc candidates, please consider applying for respective ICSI visiting programs.

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