means: This document is up to date. The other documents refer to an outdated language release. Programs in these papers will probably not run with the newer compilers.
means: This document is related to parallel programming with Sather. Users programming in serial environments will probably have no interest in these.

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"Performance Counters and State Sharing Annotations: a Unified Approach to Thread Locality"
"Active Threads: Enabling Fine-Grained Parallelism in Object-Oriented Languages"
"Safe Sharing of Objects in a High-Performance Parallel Language"
"Efficient Fine-Grain Thread Migration with Active Threads"
"Efficient Extensible Synchronization in Sather"
"Fair Multi-Branch Locking of Several Locks"
"Killing Threads Considered Dangerous"
"Iteration Abstraction in Sather"
"Sather Revisited: A High-Performance Free Alternative to C++"
"The Sather Language: Efficient, Interactive, Object-Oriented Programming"
ICSI Technical reports
TR-97-054 A Performance Evaluation of Fine-Grain Thread Migration with Active Threads.
TR-96-012 The Sather 1.1 Specification
TR-95-058 The pSather 1.0 Manual
TR-95-057 The Sather 1.0 Specification
TR-94-062 Sather 1.0 Tutorial
TR-94-004 Near or Far
TR-93-064 Engineering a Programming Language: The Type and Class System of Sather
TR-93-063 A Parallel Object-Oriented System for Realizing Reusable and Efficient Data Abstractions
TR-93-045 Sather Iters: Object-Oriented Iteration Abstraction
TR-93-028 pSather: Layered Extensions to an Object-Oriented Language for Efficient Parallel Computation
TR-92-017 The Sather Language and Libraries
TR-91-048 ICSIM: An Object-Oriented Connectionist Simulator
TR-91-047 CLOS, Eiffel, and Sather: A Comparison
TR-91-034 Sather Language Design and Performance Evaluation
TR-91-031 pSather Monitors: Design, Tutorial, Rationale and Implementation
PhD Dissertations Related to Sather
"Advanced Constructs and Compiler Optimizations for a Parallel, Object Oriented, Shared Memory Language running on a distributed System. ", Claudio Fleiner, 1997
Sather references in BibTeX format.
Sather references in postscript format.
Other documents
Satish Thattes introduction to Sather for the C++ Literate.
An Analysis of the differences between Sather 1.0 and Sather-K.
A paper about Universal High Performance Computing.

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