Professor, Computer Science and Anesthesiology, University of California, Los Angeles.

Our lab has moved to UCLA. A new website will be available soon.

Research Areas

  • Computational Biology
  • Machine Learning
  • Algorithms
  • Population Genetics
  • Statistical Genetics

The research in our lab involves the development of computational methods for the analysis of genetic data. Our goal is to improve the understanding of disease genetics through a rigorous search for the different genetic components of disease mechanisms and their interactions. For a more detailed story, you are welcome to visit our Lab.


Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

In the media

November, 2015 - Our paper on epigenetic differences between men and women was featured in Nature Reviews Genetics.

October, 2015 - Our PNAS paper finds that people choose their mates based on their genomes. NDTV, Daily Mail, Business Standard.

January, 2013 - Our Science paper came out in the first page of the printed version of Israeli newspaper Ha'haretz, two days before the national paralament elections... Ha'aretz paper version Ha'aretz first page

July, 2012 - Israeli business newspaper (The Marker): 40 under 40
The Marker paper version The Marker online version

June, 2012 - Genetic GPS
Wired Magazine, Haaretz Israeli News, Haaretz (Hebrew version), Times of Israel, London Jewish Chronicle, International Business Times (Italian)

May, 2011 - Profiles in Computer Science
Biomedical Computation Review

September, 2009 - From DNA Data to Disease Diagnosis
Frontier Economy, Spanish version

August, 2009 - Researchers Claim New Software Can Skirt Privacy Challenges of GWAS Data-Sharing
GenomeWeb, Innovation report, Physorg, , The Medical News (Sydney, Australia), Jerusalem Post, ynet (Israel), Biopharma.

July, 2009 - Gene linked to increasingly common type of blood cancer


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