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Jerry Feldman is Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley and a member of the Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

From 1988 to1998 he was the director of the International Computer Science Institute, where he is a member of the AI group. 

ICSI Office:

552 ICSI

1947 Center St. Suite 600

Berkeley, CA 94704-1198

(510) 666-2914

fax: (510) 666-2956

            feldman at icsi dot berkeley dot edu


Campus Office: home page

University of California at Berkeley

Computer Science Division

739 Soda Hall

Berkeley, CA 94720-1776

(510) 642-8524

fax: (510) 643-1543

jfeldman at cs dot berkeley dot edu

Current Research Projects

The most important current project is the Neural Theory of Language effort in natural language understanding and learning, previously known as L0.


A new book on the NTL project is now available: From Molecule to Metaphor: A Neural Theory of Language,

 MIT Press 2006. There is also a related website  that has news and reviews of the book and also will hopefully help further the development of a Unified Cognitive Science.

I am also active in activities to enhance the availability of IT to underserved groups. The major undertaking is the Community of Practice Environment CoPE, which aims to facilitate online group cooperation without requiring IT expertise.  This is a multidisciplinary project, based at ICSI  and is affiliated with the UC Berkeley  CITRIS  endeavor, which works on a variety of issues concerning Information Technology and Society.

A completed project is the Sather language, compiler, libraries and system. My personal work focused on the parallel extension which is called pSather.

Recent Courses - Spring 2008

Undergraduate Course on the "Neural Basis of Language and Thought",  CS182/Cog110/Ling109

Taught jointly with Srinivas Narayanan.



Current Doctoral Students

Leon Barrett

John Bryant

Nancy Chang

Joe Makin

Eva Mok

Steve Sinha


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