The SPRACHcore software package

2010-10-28: I have put together a release of the latest versions of quicknet, dpwelib, rasta, feacalc, and feacat specifically for the SRI SCENIC team. You can download the self-configuring Linux package as icsi-scenic-tools-20120105.tar.gz (updated 2011-07-15 to fix problems compiling; thanks to Eric Fosler-Lussier for help debugging; updated again 2012-01-05 to make 64-bit clean and to add in pfile_utils).

2007-11-01: Note: A new version of the MSG feature calculation script bedk_frontend/, which fixes a problem in the original script, is available here.

The SPRACHcore package has not been updated since 2004. We have switched to releasing new versions of individual components of SPRACHcore. We recommend that you use the new versions. The most recent version of the core neural net code (QuickNet) has many speed improvements and other enhancements and it is available here. The most recent version (compatible with gcc4) of the dpwelib sound utilities is dpwelib-2009-02-24.tar.gz. The most recent versions of feacat, feacalc, noway, and pfile_utils (a set of 18 feature file tools including pfile_klt) are here.

This overview discusses obtaining technical support and how the neural network tools fit into the big picture of the speech recognition field.

Example scripts and configuration files for speech recognition using Quicknet and the noway decoder can be found in SPRACHcore, and also here and here.

SPRACHcore package overview

One of the outcomes of the SPRACH project was a release of the neural network (connectionist) speech recognition tools and speech feature extraction tools developed at ICSI and the other partners. This package is named SPRACHcore and includes full source code for the tools. It is intended to allow anyone with access to a Unix workstation to try out our techniques. The package is automatically configured using GNU Autoconf ("just type ./configure") to make it easier to install, particularly under Linux or Solaris.After the SPRACH project ended in 1998, we continued to maintain and expand the SPRACHcore package with subsequent developments and additions to the tools until 2004.

SPRACHcore package details

The package comes in two main variants:

You can download the latest version of the source packages from:

The contents of SPRACHcore-nogui are:

The full SPRACHcore package further includes:


Many different authors have contributed to the software in the SPRACHcore package. The original construction of the package, as well as the development of the core quicknet neural network tools, was done by David Johnson of ICSI. The package was then maintained by Dan Ellis (who contributed dpwelib, feacat, and feacalc) and Chuck Wooters. Jeff Bilmes (pfile_utils, ffwd), Brian Kingsbury (bedk_frontend, dr_scripts) and Eric Fosler-Lussier (dr_scripts) contributed whole packages as well as being involved in maintaining and developing the common tools, along with others too numerous to mention. RASTA was originally programmed by Morgan and Hynek Hermansky. NOWAY appears by kind permission of Steve Renals of Sheffield University.

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