Digital Filter Design Software

"the filter design wizard"

Version 3.1 (also runs on Windows10® ) is Now Public Domain!

Fiwiz may be of interest to
  • Users who simply want to apply FIWIZ for digital filter design
  • Optimization researchers who want to try out new variants of Differential Evolution
  • FIWIZ programmers who want to extend and improve FIWZ

    Highlights of FIWIZ


    FIWIZ is a constraint based design program for IIR as well as FIR filters as needed in digital signal processing. Fiwiz is geared towards features which are difficult if at all to find in other filter design programs. If your filter requirements are unconventional and can't be handled by standard filter design programs, then Fiwiz might be your program of choice. FIWIZ allows a lot of freedom concerning the specification of constraints if the filter design is done directly in the Z-domain. As an add-on FIWIZ also supports some of the classical filter design methods.

    Features for classical filter design

    IIR-design from analog prototypes

    Linear phase FIR-design via classical methods