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Andreas Stolcke


I am a researcher in speech and language technologies with a long-time association with ICSI, as a graduate student, postdoc, and visiting researcher. I can be reached at

c/o International Computer Science Institute
1947 Center Street, Suite 600
Berkeley, CA 94704-1198
Phone (510) 666-2956 (messages only)
Fax (510) 666-2956
Email stolcke AT icsi DOT berkeley DOT edu

For Microsoft-related matters please contact

Phone (650) 693-0884
Email andreas.stolcke AT microsoft DOT com

Research Experience

My CV is here.

Professional Degrees and Awards

Areas of Interest

Speech recognition and understanding, Speaker recognition, Language and dialect recognition, Machine translation, Historical linguistics, Software tools for probabilistic modeling


Recent publications at Microsoft.

Older publications from my time at SRI.

Even older publications from graduate school days.

Google Scholar citations page


Some of the projects I worked on at ICSI:

For projects at SRI check here. A long-term software project that has a significant user community is the SRI Language Modeling Toolkit (SRILM).

Some significant graduate school projects were:


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