Some sound examples from the perceptual experiments done at ICSI.

The results can be found in a paper written for the 1999 Eurospeech conference and the 1998 ICASSP paper.   The ICSLP  (1998) paper that first described the spectral slit approach can be found here.

The 'bands' are 1/3 octave slits distributed between 300 and 6000 Hz.

Band Shifted
    IntactFile  (spectogram)
    middle slits shifted
        25ms  (spectogram)
        75 ms  (spectogram)
        150 ms  (spectogram)
        300ms  (spectogram)
        600 ms  (spectogram)

Spectral Slits
    For this, the i's in the file name indicate that the slit is completely intact.  0's mean that the slit has been lowpass filtered at 0 Hz (i.e. the band is completely missing) 1,3,6, and 8 are the lowpass cutoff in Hz.
Intact File (spectogram)
ms232_iiii.wav (spectogram)
ms232_00ii.wav (spectogram)
ms232_0ii0.wav (spectogram)
ms232_11ii.wav (spectogram)
ms232_33ii.wav (spectogram)
ms232_66ii.wav (spectogram)
ms232_88ii.wav (spectogram)
ms232_ii00.wav (spectogram)

Nonsense syllables.
    Syllables taken from hearing tests were modified following the Lowpass filtering system.

1m1of_5.wav  (the intact file) (spectogram)
1m1of_000i.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_00i0.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_00ii.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_0i00.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_0i0i.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_0ii0.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_0iii.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_i000.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_i00i.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_i0i0.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_i0ii.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_ii00.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_ii0i.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_iii0.wav (spectogram)
1m1of_iiii.wav (spectogram)

From the 1998 ICAASP/ASA paper.  The numbers indicate the maximum shift in milliseconds.
si2239.wav (the intact file) (spectogram)
si2239_0.wav.gz (spectogram)
si2239_20.wav.gz (spectogram)
si2239_40.wav.gz (spectogram)
si2239_60.wav.gz (spectogram)
si2239_80.wav.gz (spectogram)
si2239_100.wav.gz (spectogram)
si2239_120.wav.gz (spectogram)
si2239_140.wav.gz (spectogram)
si2239_160.wav.gz (spectogram)
si2239_180.wav.gz (spectogram)
si2239_200.wav.gz (spectogram)
si2239_220.wav.gz (spectogram)
si2239_240.wav.gz (spectogram)