Naming and Drawing

BC: CS092 / PS392 / FA294

Daniella Zsupan, September 18, 2007

Our first drawing exercise is to do a horizontal value chart of 10 gray levels. There are two ways to accomplish this using a pencil.

  1. Tone. Start with white and black at the ends and then establish a mid-range gray. Gradually expand the chart out till you have 10 values.
  2. Crosshatch. First establish a crosshatch pattern at equal distances. Then adding layers of crosshatch in different directions gradaully darkens the plane.
Our aim here is to expand the number of values you consciously see and can record.

The next exercise to do is to establish the connections between naming, numerical analysis, and drawing. Given an image, which can be considered a light pattern that impinges on your retina, your job is to:

  1. Naming by Text: Describe the visual pattern in words to the extent that a person without seeing the image can perfectly reconstruct the image.
  2. Analysis by Numbers: Describe the visual pattern in numbers to the extent that on a 10 x 10 grid, each number records the total amount of light that falls into the grid cell. We consider 10 gray levels only, 0 for complete black, 9 for complete white, 5 if 50% of the cell is occupied by white.
  3. Expression by Drawing: Produce a pencil drawing that renders the gray in each cell of your 10 x 10 grid. You can refer to your value chart, or create new marks to render each gray level.

Observation by Image Naming by Text Analysis by Numbers Expression by Drawing
Black dot in the center of a white 6.5cm by 6.5cm white square. The dot is about the size of a quarter, about 2cm in diameter.
Black Square in a white square, which is 6.5cm by 6.5cm. The black square is directly top left of center and it measures approximately 2cm by 2cm.
Black square in a white square, which is 6.5cm by 6.5cm. The black square is top right of center and tilted to about 10 o'clock on a counter-clockwise angle. The black square measures approximately 2cm by 2cm.
A black capital A, located centrally in a 6.5cm by 6.5cm white square. The height of the A spans the entire height of the square.
Two abstract black shapes in a white 6.5cm by 8.5cm rectangle. The shapes are vertical in orientation, and are formed of both straight and curved lines. The shape on the left is approximately 1/2 in size of the shape on the right, and the shape on the right spans the entire rectangle in height. Together they flank a central white space, that is open on top and bottom and is defined by curves.