I currently lead the AI group at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), am a core faculty member in the Cognitive Science Program, and an a faculty member at the Institute for Brain and Cognitive Sciences (ICBS) at the University of California, Berkeley.


I primarily work in the language learning project NTL , at the International Computer Science Institute. For a brief period, I worked at the Artificial Intelligence Lab at SRI International.  My SRI homepage describes projects that apply aspects of NTL theory to System Building. For a recent overview of the NTL project, see Embodied meaning in a Neural Theory of Language. For an earlier overview of the NTL/Lzero project, see "Lzero: The First Five Years".


Recently, I have become interested in Information Technology for Developing Regions (IT4D). For our initial effort toward accessible primary health care in collaboration with Hesperian Foundation, please see The Hesperian Digital Resource.


Research Interests

Artificial intelligence, cognitive science, socially relevant computing, web semantics, cognitive and neural computation, learning and control in complex systems.


A selected list of publications (many are online and available as PDF files)



  • Other Teaching/Tutorials.
    1. 2007 IK Interdisciplinary School, Germany
    1. 2006 IK Interdisciplinary School, Germany
    2. 2004 HLT/NAACL Tutorial on Semantic Structures for NLP (with Sanda Harabagiu)
    3. 2003 Eurolan School, Bucharest, Romania




  • Steve Sinha (EECS PhD 2008). AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, Washington DC.
  • Joseph Makin (EECS PhD 2008). PostDoctoral Fellow, Sabes Lab, UCSF.
  • Leon Barrett (EECS PhD 2010). Google.
  • Matt Gedigian (MS 2010 (expected)). Quantifind (Start-up).
  • Behrang Mohit (MS 2003, SIMS). PostDoctoral Fellow, CMU Quatar.
  • John Bryant (EECS PhD 2008 (Qualifying committee), PostDoc Supervisor). Research Scientist, Ask.com
  • Eva Mok (EECS PhD 2008 (Qualifying Committee)). Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Chicago.
  • Alberto Amengual (CS PhD 2009, University of Majorca, Spain (External Member)). PostDoctoral Fellow, Mary Main Lab, UC Berkeley.
  • Hayden Wallis (CS PhD 2010), University of Otago, New Zealand (External Member).

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