This is a demo of the SHRUTI system. The KB used for the demo is pretty simple:

Forall day [thirdmonfeb(day) => presidents_day(day)];
Forall day [presidents_day(day) => fed_hol(day)];
Forall x,nowdate [fed_hol(nowdate) & post_office(x) => ~open(x, nowdate)];
Forall x,y [weekday(x) & post_office(y) => open(y,x)];
Forall x,y [weekend(x) & post_office(y) => ~open(y,x)];



is-a(Today, Feb20_95);

The query posed to the system will be "Is PO open Today?" What you will see when you start the demo will be three fields. On the right will be a network diagram of the KB. This diagram will not change throughout the simulation and is there for reference purposes. The diagram on the left shows the actual activation of SHRUTI running in the Rochester Connectionist Simulater (RCS), and this diagram changes each frame. Note that the size of the square for each node/cell is proportional to the amount of activation it has. The cells are labelled as follows: +c and -c for positive and negative collectors, respectively, e for enabler, ** for contradiction nodes, and arguments are simply labelled X for single-argument predicates and X and Y for two-argument-predicates. Note that there is not necessarily any correspondance between arguments labelled "X" across predicates, unless a link appears explicitly in the network diagram on the right.

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