Infants, Algebraic Rules, and Coincidence Detection

Submitted version of letter that appeared in: Science 285: 1673-1674.

A report (in postscript) describing the proposed connectionist model and simulation results may be found here A Spatiotemporal Connectionist Model of Algebraic Rule-Learning, Lokendra Shastri and Shawn Chang, TR-99-011, ICSI, Berkeley, CA, July, 1999.

The model for extracting algebraic rules is based on prior work on learning relational rules within structured spatiotemporal network that use temporal synchrony to encode dynamic bindings. A technical report (in postscript) describing this model may be found here. Exploiting temporal binding to learn relational rules within a connectionist network, Lokendra Shastri, TR-97-003, ICSI, Berkeley, CA, May, 1997.

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This research has been partially supported by NSF grant SBR-9720398 and ONR grant N00014-93-1-1149.