Sather 1.0 Tutorial (zipped postscript, inlined gifs)
Michael Philippsen
ICSI Techreport TR-94-062

This document provides basic information on how to obtain your copy of the Sather 1.0 system and gives several pointers to articles discussing Sather 1.0 in more detail.

We thoroughly describe the implementation of a basic chess program. By carefully reading this document and the discussed example program, you will learn enough about Sather 1.0 to start programming in Sather 1.0 yourself. This document is intended for programmers familiar with object oriented languages such as Eiffel or C++.

The main features of Sather 1.0 are explained in detail: we cover the difference between subtyping and implementation inheritance and explain the implementation and usage of iters. Moreover, the example program introduces all the class elements (constants, shared and object attributes, routines and iters) are introduced. Most statements and most expressions are also discussed. Where appropriate, the usage of some basic features which are provided by the Sather 1.0 libraries are demonstrated. The Tutorial is completed by showing how an external class can be used to interface to a C program.

Last change: 5/30/96
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