Sather Iters: Object-Oriented Iteration Abstraction (zipped postscript, inlined gifs)
Stephan Murer, Stephen Omohundro, Clmens Szypersky
ICSI Techreport TR-93-045

Sather iters are a powerful new way to encapsulate iteration. We argue that such iteration abstractions belong in a class' interface on an equal footing with its routines. Sather iters were derived from CLU iterators but are much more flexible and better suited for object-oriented programming. We motivate and describe the construct along with several simple examples. We compare it with iteration based on CLU iterators, cursors, riders, streams, series, generators, coroutines, blocks, closures, and lambda expressions. Finally, we describe how to implement them in terms of coroutines and then show how to transform this implementation into efficient code.

Last change: 5/30/96
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