Get the Sather Compiler from ICSI

This compressed archive contains the generic version for a long list of UNIX and other architectures. It contains the compiler sources, the standard library, basic documentation and a library browser. You will need around 30 MB of disk space to uncompress the 1.1 distribution. If you are ftping over an slow or unreliable link, a split version of the tar files is also available in the ftp directory under the subdirectory "Split1.1"

Get the Sather 1.1 compiler in archived form.

Get the Sather 1.0 compiler in archived form.

You just have to uncompress the achive (usually you have to use gunzip or gtar) into one subdirectory of your choice.

Then you have to set the environment variable SATHER_HOME to this directory and to run make in this directory.

Once you unpacked the archive you can get a lot of information from the README and the Doc/INSTALL file.

There is also a package of contributional Sather programs. Some of the programs may by out of date. All the contributions in this package can be obtained separately from the Contribution directory.
A list of old articles from the comp.lang.sather newsgroup.

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