abstract class $SET{E} < $RO_SET{E}
A set with reference semantics, that may be modified by inserting and deleting elements Usage:




**** Delete all elements
copy: SAME;
**** Return a copy of the current set.
copy_from(s: $CONTAINER{E});
delete(e: E);
**** Deletes the element equal to 'e' from the set
diff(a: $RO_SET{E}): $SET{E};
**** Return a set that is the difference of "self" and "a" i.e. contains all elements of self except those in "a"
elt!: E;
**** Yields all elements of the set in arbitrary order
has(e:E): BOOL;
**** Returns 'true' if 'e' is in the set.
**** Inserts the element 'e' into the set. Do nothing if "e" is present
intersection(a: $RO_SET{E}): $SET{E};
**** Return a set that is the intersection of "self" and "a"
sym_diff(a: $RO_SET{E}): $SET{E};
**** Return a set that contains all elements that are in either "self" or "a", but not in both
to_diff(a: $SET{E});
**** Transform self into the difference between self and a, elements present in self but not in a
to_intersection(a: $SET{E});
**** Transform self into the intersection of self and a, consisting of only those elements present in self and a
to_sym_diff(a: $SET{E});
**** Transform self to contain only elements present in self or a, but not in both
to_union(a: $SET{E});
**** Transform self into the union of self and a consisting of elements present in either self or a
union(a: $RO_SET{E}): $SET{E};
**** Return a set that is the union of "self" and "a"

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