Used by widgets to hold a mapping from a callback to an integer "id". Mapping from ids to callbacks. Widgets use one of these to hold their callback information

Flattened version is here


create: SAME
get_action(id: INT): ROUT_ARG
**** Returns the bound routine associated with the action identifier "id"
get_action_name(id: INT): STR
**** Return the debuggin name associated with the action identifier "id"
register(action: ROUT_ARG): INT
**** Register the action "action" and assign it an integer id which can be used to later look up the action.
register(action: ROUT_ARG,name:STR): INT
**** Same as the register procedure, but also registers an optional name for the callback which may be helpful during debugging.


attr action_map: FLIST{ROUT_ARG};
attr action_map: FLIST{ROUT_ARG};
attr action_name: FLIST{STR};
attr action_name: FLIST{STR};

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