class TK_INDEX
A text index indicates a particular position in a text widget

Flattened version is here


Readable Attributes
attr internal_str: STR;

at(line,ch: INT): SAME
**** Line counting starts at "1" and character counting starts at "0" I dislike this, but I think it is better to remain consistent with the Tk documentation
at_location(x,y: INT): SAME
**** The character that covers the pixel with coods (x,y) in the text
backward_chars(n: INT): SAME
backward_lines(n: INT): SAME
end_pos: SAME
first(tag: TK_TEXT_TAG): SAME
forward_chars(n: INT): SAME
forward_lines(n: INT): SAME
last(tag: TK_TEXT_TAG): SAME
**** Error if no characters currently have this "tag"
line_end: SAME
line_start: SAME
mark: SAME
str: STR
word_end: SAME
word_start: SAME


create(s: STR): SAME
attr internal_str: STR;
m(modifier_str: STR): SAME

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