external class C_TCL_TK
Interface to basic tcl and tk functions Depends on the tcl.a, tk.a

Flattened version is here


ConstTclError: INT;
ConstTclOk: INT;
ConstTclVolatile: EXT_OB;
Tcl_CreateInterp: EXT_OB;
**** create a new tcl-interpreter
Tcl_Eval(interp: EXT_OB, cmd: STR): INT;
Tcl_EvalFile(interp: EXT_OB, file: STR): INT;
Tcl_GetResult(interp: EXT_OB): EXT_OB;
Tcl_ResetResult(interp: EXT_OB);
Tcl_SetResult(interp: EXT_OB, str: STR, free_proc: EXT_OB);
Tk_CreateMainWindow(interp: EXT_OB, screenname, basename, classname: STR): EXT_OB;
Tk_DoOneEvent(i: INT);
Tk_MapWindow(w: EXT_OB);
init_raster(interp: EXT_OB);
**** Initialize the raster widget
init_tcl_tk(interp: EXT_OB);
**** Initialize the callbacks
sather_cb(args: EXT_OB): INT
**** Callback into sather from tcl.
tkkit_cb(args: EXT_OB): INT
**** Same as "C_TCL_KIT::command"

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