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Complex numbers of various species are CPX, CPXD etc.

INTI is an infinite precision integer.  RAT is a rational
number built using INTI.

Random numbers can be obtained by RND and, more generally,
$RANOM_GEN classes.

    Matvec.module -has CPX -has CPXD -has INTI -has RAT -has I_INTERVAL -- Integer intervals	-has TEST_I_INTERVAL -has TEST_CPX	
    -- Random number classes -has RND $RANDOM_GEN MS_RANDOM_GEN -has PERM_RANDOM_GEN -has TEST_RND

    -- Algorithm classes.     
    -- Comment out svd until the matrix/vector stuff is fixed -has NR_SVD TEST_SVD  -- Singular value decomposition -has FFT TEST_FFT     -- Fast fourier transform -has 
	-- Computation of all eigenvalues/eigenvectors 
	-- of real symm matrices