Sather 1.1: A Language Manual
B. Gomes, D. Stoutamire, B. Vaysman and H. Klawitter
Detailed Table of Contents
A general overview of Sather's features.
Classes and Objects
Using simple classes and programming constructs.
A gentle introduction to Iterators
Code inclusion and partial classes
Reusing of code via code inclusion. Inheritance Part I.
Abstract Classes
Abstract interfaces and subtyping. Inheritance Part II.
Parametrized Classes and Arrays
Creating generic classes by type-safe parametrization.
Operator Redefinition
Re-defining the simple operators such as + and * in user classes.
Immutable Classes
Classes that define simple immutable types such as integers.
Closures are Sather's equivalent of function pointers.
Safety Features
Support for pre- and post-conditions, class invariants and assertions.
Built-in Classes
Basic classes, and some of the fundamental library abstractions.
Interfacing with Fortran
Interfacing with C

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