The HTML based Sather Library Browser

These pages were generated by the HTML based Sather browser tool Please contact the author for more details. Suggestions, bug reports and contributions are always welcome

Author: Ben Gomes


Clicking on a concrete class name will take you to a short, flat listing of the class i.e. a listing with all the signatures (including inherited code) and comments in the class interface.

Clicking on an abstract class will take you to a short, but not flattened listing of the class i.e. it will only contain signatures defined by that abstraction, and not the signatures of its supertypes. Abstract classes have a type graph below the short flat listing. Occassionally, an abstract class has no subtypes, leading to an empty image.

Clicking on a signature in the short form takes you to the full routine definition.

Clicking on a Module name will take you to the corresponding module file which may have useful comments regarding the structure of that module

A useful function to remember is Back in Frame which is available as a menu item on the right mouse button on my installation of Netscape. The Back button is almost never what you want when using frames

You can get back to this page by clicking on the About item at the head of the class listing

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