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Russell Lee-Goldman
[International Computer Science Institute]

Research interests

I am interested in the syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of natural language. I approach the topic from a variety of formal (and sometimes cognitive) approaches, especially construction grammar. In recent work I have looked at supplemental relative clauses, in particular families of as-clauses, such as as you know and as they are called. I am also working on how to incorporate some of the very interesting findings in the field of conversation analysis into formal approaches to linguistics.

I am also involved in computational linguistic enterprises: from 2002 through the present I have worked at the FrameNet project (PI: Charles J. Fillmore) doing lexicographic, and now constructional, analysis within the frameworks of Frame Semantics and Construction Grammar.

I also have side interests in how syntactic and pragmatic aspects of language vary among individuals, and change over time. Part of my research on Southeastern Pomo, a native California language, addresses these issues. Another topic I think about from time to time is how to incorporate the knowledge linguistits have accumulated about language over the past several decades into the curricula of primary and secondary school education.

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by Russell Lee-Goldman
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