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Russell Lee-Goldman
[International Computer Science Institute]

Who and Where

You can (eventually) find more recent information at noncompositional.com.

I previously worked at Facebook and Ask.com.

Before that, I was doing lexicography at FrameNet.

I received my PhD in linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley. My dissertation, Context in Constructions, is viewable here [pdf].

What ...

A brief summary of my research interests (at one point in time) is at research. For summaries of what I've done and some copies of my papers, go to vita, and the rest of what I do can be found under play.

... and when

2012.01.11 Handout from my presentation at the annual LSA meeting.
2011.12.27 My dissertation, Context in Constructions, is available from this page.

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by Russell Lee-Goldman
rleegold at icsi dot berkeley dot edu